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About Companions

We are a professional association in Australasia of Givers of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius; however, deeper than the formal structure, we are first and foremost members of a community, bound together through a commitment to our ministry and to the support of each other. This Christian community, our way of being men and women for others, is a source of strength and enrichment for our ministry.

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Members of our community are from across all the states of Australia.
Although pathways may be varied, all have been formed as givers of the Spiritual Exercises and are active in ministry pertaining to Ignatian spirituality.

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Annual Conference


The annual conference is a valued means of our being connected to each other and coming to know each other at greater depth.

It serves as the principal way we share in an experience which is both spiritual and formative. To register click here




pilgrim_Ignatius.jpg Background
The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are a centuries-old process that grew out of the personal spiritual experiences of Íñigo López de Loyola and his reflection on the spiritual conversations he had with men and women of    his time.  Ignatius developed a dynamic pattern of prayer    exercises that invited those who made them to encounter    profoundly Jesus Christ, to be deeply converted and to live  their daily lives with a renewed sense of mission.

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are a highly effective instrument by which God acts to bring about radical spiritual and personal transformation in our time and culture.  The ministry of giving the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises to modern men and women calls for the highest standards of formation, practice and accountability.  Companions gratefully acknowledges that, through God’s providence, more and more men and women in the Church are being called to this ministry.

Given the significance of the Exercises for the contemporary Church, the Companions in the Ministry of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises ( Companions ) has been formed to provide those engaged in giving the Spiritual Exercises the opportunity to enhance their understanding and practice of Ignatian spirituality.  Companions is a national professional association of givers of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises who are committed to the highest standards of formation, ethical practice and accountability.