Grace Upon Grace – Savouring the Spiritual Exercises through the Arts

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August 14, 2019

Grace upon Grace: Savouring the Spiritual Exercises through the Arts is a contemporary, gender-inclusive retreat of the full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. The 30-week retreat in daily life has been developed for both retreatant and retreat-giver (spiritual director) as a fresh and creative adaptation of the original Spiritual Exercises, and for those who recognise that poetry, art, movement and music gently hold the sacred Mystery in a way that cannot otherwise be expressed. Grace upon Grace also offers an eight-day Ignatian retreat. The book uniquely focuses on the arts especially poetry which is included in all sections of the book. The spiritual directors and their retreatants who have used this text in its developmental stages, have found themselves writing their own poetry as prayer.

The book can be ordered directly through me on this email address or through Morningstar publishing. Go to to order directly through them Or via Kardia Formation at

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