Professional Standards

Professional Standards: Creating Safe Environments for Children and Adults

This page provides you with important information relating to our policies and procedures for maintaining ethical and professional standards.

  1. The Jesuit Province: website for professional standards
  2. Creating a safe environment in Jesuit Schools and ministries: Principles, Protocols and Standards of Practice
  3. The Australian Catholic Professional Standards: CPSL
  4. Reporting of Complaints

If anyone wishes to bring a complaint of abuse against any member of staff, present or past, of a Jesuit ministry, they may do so in any of the following ways:

  • If you beleive a crime has been committed, contact the Police Sexual Crimes Squad Ph: 03 9611 8707 or 000
  • Contact the office of Towards Healing – Ph: 1800 816 030 (Victorian Office)
  • Contact the director of Professional Standards – Simon Davies 03 9810 7300                                                                                                                                               Please note that when children are involved, many states have mandatory reporting provisions to the police or relevant state authority.